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Meet Vodo’s Otherworlds bundle!

One of the coolest internet crazes would have to be the ‘humble bundle’. Originally a way to promote great indie games, while channeling money to awesome charities, the idea of a pay-what-you-want economy of scale has now spread to all kinds of bundles being offered. The latest outfit to get on the bandwagon is VODO, [...]

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Get into Green Man Gaming’s Seven Days of Deals

It’s a good week to be a PC gamer. Green Man Gaming is kicking off what it’s creatively calling Seven Days of Deals. What the event lacks in naming-nouse, however, it more than makes up for in truthiness – these are some pretty killer deals. Each day GMG will be offering a selection of games from [...]

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World of Darkness officially cancelled, now actually dead

Sad news for those of us looking forward to rolling an angsty-yet-artistic member of the Toreador Clan in CCP’s long-in-development World of Darkness MMO. The Icelandic developer has just stuck a stake in the heart of those hopes and dreams. The game has been in an advanced state of Torpor for eight years, with only [...]

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WIN: South Park: The Stick of Truth

After a long, long wait the first proper South Park game, crafted by the team behind the show, has arrived. We loved it, and thanks to Ubisoft you have a chance to win a copy and see why (as long as you are over 18!). TERMS AND CONDITIONS: 1. Entry is open to residents of [...]

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Win Dark Souls 2

Dark Souls has earned its reputation as one of the most hardcore and rewarding roleplaying experiences. The sequel lands soon, and thanks to Bandai Namco you could score one for yourself! We have 10 copies to be won. Head to In 25 words or less, answer the following question: If you were a cursed [...]

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Yaaaay… Not. Another Warhammer 40,000 game

I would kill to be able to sit in on some of the meetings Games Workshop must be having with its digital development partners. Given the company’s infamous tight control of IP, it is genuinely baffling to see some of the work that is currently on the way. Take Carnage, for instance. This just announced [...]

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Interview:’s Victor Kislyi

We were recently lucky enough to spend some time Warsaw – courtesy of the lovely folks at Wargaming – to check out the League grand finals. With 14 teams from all over the world (no Aussies sadly, but there was a lone Kiwi in Philipines team PvP Superfriends), it’s a huge event. And attending, [...]

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TECH OF THE YEAR (for last year…)

So what WAS 2013 for tech? That’s easy: it was the year of the GPU. PC gamers are accustomed to seeing a new graphics product line every year from each of the major players, but this year AMD and NVIDIA embarked on a slugfest of a battle, releasing ever more powerful products every few months. [...]

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Mass Effect, mods, and madness

I very rarely replay games that I’ve finished and put away. Unless it’s something with immeasurable replay value, like a Total War game, I tend to leave anything narrative with one play-through. That said, I’ve gotten an uncontrollable urge recently. To play Mass Effect again. All of it, and this time with all the DLC [...]

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Facebook now owns the Oculus Rift

To say that the news that Facebook has bought out Oculus VR – the company behind the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset – is a shock to the system is bit of an understatement. But there it is – Mark Zuckerberg’s company has picked up Oculus VR for a tidy $US2 billion. Zuckerberg made the [...]

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