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Interview: Alex Lindberg on Gauntlet

There have been several attempts to remake Gauntlet over the years, yet to varying degrees they all failed to recapture the dungeon-crawling mayhem of the original. The developers at Arrowhead may well be wizards, but when planning their own take on the 80s classic they left nothing to chance. “The difficulty with remakes generally is that, [...]

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Film Title: Serenity.

Firefly Online will be a veritable cast reunion

Talk to sci-fi fans about shows that were cut-off in their prime, and there’s one TV property that stands head and shoulders above the rest – Firefly. Since Firefly shut down, its cast has enjoyed immense popularity in video games voice work, including in the Halo series and other games besides. But now, Nathan Fillion, [...]

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Robocop Competition

Dead or alive, creep, you’re entering this competition! We have five great packs to giveaway, celebrating the reboot of the crime-fighting ROBOCOP! Just follow the instructions below!

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Battlefield Hardline now coming in 2015

Ah, game delays. Depending on your outlook, they’re either a glass half-full of optimism and hopes that the developers will use the extra time wisely to refine and contribute to new content. If you’re of the glass half-empty – and fill with liquid fail – brigade, it’s just proof that the devs are incompetents who [...]

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Riot Games is planning to ban the jerks in League of Legends

Many online games have issues with keeping sometimes raucous community members in-line. In the seeming anonymity of in-game chat, it’s easy for the better angels of our nature to be ignored, sadly. One game, however, is tackling the issue head on. Riot Jeffrey Lin has reported that the company will taday start handing out 14-day [...]

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World of Warcraft still king of MMOs, but The Old Republic ain’t doing badly!

MMO data just released by SuperData research has delivered pretty unsurprising results – World of Warcraft still makes a lot more money than any other MMO, subs or no subs. However, that’s not to say that other games are failing – in fact, a number of free to play MMOs are, if not hot on [...]

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Warhammer 40K: Kill Team coming to Steam

It’s a couple of years old now, but we’ve always been a little curious about Kill Team. But it’s a console exclusive, and 40K in the loungeroom just doesn’t seem right. Thankfully, it appears it’s coming to PC this week. The news was revealed in leaked images from Games Workshop’s in-house games magazine, White Dwarf. [...]

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Let’s Chat: The Elder Scrolls Online

Over the past month a few of us around the PC PowerPlay offices have been sinking our teeth into Elder Scrolls Online,  a study into reviewing the unreviewable. Instead of our initial thought of throwing five D20s into the air and counting up the resultant number to ascertain our percentage approval, resident Chosen Ones John [...]

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The Evil Within hitting consoles and PCs early

Quakecon has just kicked off in the US, and as well as a closed-door reveal of Doom (which sounds so hyper-violent it may well have issues with Australian classification), Bethesda has announced a lovely bonus for horror fans. Shinji Mikami’s The Evil Within is getting released a week earlier than expected. It’s now coming to [...]

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Preview: Skyforge

With so many MMOs competing for attention, especially as the popularity of World of Warcraft begins to wane, being original and innovative is crucial. Skyforge doesn’t just fail in that department, it fails at being anything more than average.

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