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Review: Rise of the Triad

It’s clear from the moment the pixelated Apogee logo appears on screen that developers Interceptor Entertainment set out to create a game faithful to the original…

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Review: Neverwinter

Neverwinter eschews the traditional inherent complexity of the Dungeons & Dragons 4th edition rule-set in favour of a more streamlined approach. And it is surprisingly brilliant…

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Patient 0 Zombie

IRL Shooter: The Next Level

Not only a world-first, but an Australian innovation, IRL Shooter’s zombie-blasting experience is something spectacular. This is the full IRL Shooter interview from PCPP #213 with Directors David Leadbetter and Drew Hobbs!

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Ten Things You’ll Want to do in Guild Wars 2

For one glorious weekend we had the chance to participate in a Guild Wars 2 beta event. Terrence Jarrad managed to whittle the list of things to do down to only 10 items, after David threatened he’d get the hose again.

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Review: Star Wars: The Old Republic

From the moment “Star Wars” appears on-screen to the cue of John Williams’ iconic opening title theme, it’s clear this is a Star Wars game.

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Review: The Secret World

Is The Secret World a game the seasoned MMO gamer will enjoy? Familiar MMO trappings are apparent, but close examination quickly reveals this style of MMO is not one that will appeal to a mass market…

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Our MMO Wishlist

Dear MMO Developers, Long time player, first time writer (to you). Firstly I love your work. Seriously. It’s pretty much all I do with my spare time, but there are some things we need to discuss. In PC PowerPlay Issue #203 we gave you 10 things to look forward to doing in Guild Wars 2; [...]

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What kind of thief uses guns?!

Here There Be Dragons

We spoke to Guild Wars 2 Lead Designer Eric Flannum about ArenaNet’s upcoming convention-defying MMO for PCPP #197. Unfortunately there simply weren’t enough pages in the magazine to print it all, so here is the entire thing for your viewing pleasure!

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All Roads Lead to Rome: Part 2

When last we left our heroine, she’d landed upon the beach of an island purported to be the home of the cult that was responsible for the slaughter of her friends, family, and servants, as well as the destruction of her estates.

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All Roads Lead to Rome: Part 1

Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising is a relatively new-release MMO now available on Steam, and being the kind folk we are, we thought we’d take you on a quick run through of the beginning stages of this fantastical re-imagining of Roman history.

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