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It’s the game that kickstarted the FPS revolution and it’s coming back with a hell of a bang! We go hands on with Wolfenstein: The New Order, and discover the dark secrets of a world where the Nazis win World War II – and it’s up to you to fight back! We talk to the devs behind the game, explore the history of Nazi occult tales, and even peer into the odd history World War II in game form.

We also take a close look at the next game from the team who gave us Left 4 Dead. Evolve takes co-op gameplay to the next level, providing a 4 vs 1 experience like nothing else. Our tech editor also takes a detailed look at AMD’s Mantle technology, and what it could mean for PC gaming on the Red side of the GPU divide.

Plus all the usual reviews, news, and features inside. Oh, and now with a shiny new editor. So pick up an issue and see what new-guy John Gillooly has in store for PC gaming future.

PCPP#226. The New New Order