18 pro tips from the Rainbow Six Siege world cup

A collection of 18 Rainbow Six Siege tips gleaned from the pro players at the recent world-cup Six Invitational.

18 pro tips from the Rainbow Six Siege world cup
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When Siege first came out, I wrote some basic tips for getting into the game. That was followed up by some advanced tips which, after spending a weekend watching pros play across PC and Xbox One, feel decidedly basic in comparison. With that in mind, here’s a list of 18 tips I picked up by watching the pro teams go at it in the recent Six Invitational world finals.

Focused verticality is crucial
So you’re defending a point on the middle floor of a three-storey map in Siege. Logic says you should hold that floor. And while that’s true, to a point, you also have to be aware that you may be completely wiped out from above or below. Destructible floors and ceilings mean that C4, grenades, and/or Buck (with Skeleton Key shotgun) can score easy kills against players focused on covering horizontal lines of sight. Control above and/or below with roamers and, as an attacker, punish defenders for ignoring these attack vectors.

Pulse and Echo for defender info
It used to be that defenders were reliant on lax attackers missing fixed camera locations so they could collect meaningful data. Nowadays, improvements to Pulse and the roster inclusions of Valkyrie and Echo offer the potential for crucial action-phase intel for defenders. Players are getting better at sniffing out and destroying the best Valkyrie locations, but Pulse’s heartbeat tracker and Echo’s drone are both useful for feeding info back to your team. Better still, aggressive Pulse players can pop outside for easy kills on rappelling/stationary players, or can kill enemies through the floor/ceiling/walls with his C4. If you’re Echo and the last one alive on a bomb map, you can use his Yokai drone to stop the attackers from planting the defuser in the dying seconds of around.

C4 and grenade skill shots
It takes practice, but C4 and grenades make for easy kills if timed correctly. I saw players getting amazing C4 kills while completely immune to return fire. In one instance, an defender removed an upstairs window barricade, then made a small hole in the floor below it. When the defender heard the attackers outside, he lobbed the C4 up through the hole, out the window, and scored easy kills. This trick worked more than once, too. Similarly, for attackers with grenades, if you cook them long enough, you can throw them at destructible floors beneath defenders to score easy C4-like kills.

Mind games are king
Because of the importance of intelligence-gathering in Siege, misinformation can be a viable tactic, particularly if you’re a defender. As a defender, if the clock hits zero and the attackers haven’t completed their objective, you win. This means it’s in your best interest to buy as much time as possible. Create fake murder holes in windows or walls to make attackers paranoid. You can also fake revive, defuse, interrogate, or plant, knowing your enemy is nearby looking for an easy kill, then stop what you’re doing and surprise them with the first shot.

Trading kills is all the rage
The North American teams dominated the Six Invitational and did so by showing a clear willingness to trade kills. Early on, as a defender, performing a cheeky peek kill on a Thermite or Hibana is worth doing, even if you die. Similarly, trading two kills for your life is usually always worthwhile, particularly early on in the round or when pressure is mounting. When attacking, operate in groups of two where possible, so that if the first player goes down, the second one can pre-fire the direction of the shots and trade kills that way.

Roaming is about time-wasting
It sure is fun to score kills as a roamer but, once again, the primary job of the defender is to ensure that the attackers don’t achieve their objective. Creating a sense of paranoia with the attackers and making them spend precious time on droning/hunting you is time well spent. Alternatively, if you are patient and can remain undetected, you can time your return to the objective perfectly so that you’re behind the attackers to score late, crucial kills.

Drone-out roamers
The best counter-tactic for roamers is to drone them out. During the Six Invitational, drones were treated as premium equipment, which meant that defensive positions were rarely scouted during the preparation phase. Instead, attackers were shifting their drones to their respective incursion points and collecting them on the way in during the attacking phase. After all, having two drones offers a greater likelihood of collecting intel in the middle and towards the end of rounds. Drones were also crucial for knowing that a floor was completely clear of roamers so attackers could focus on what was happening on and around the objective, instead of what might be coming up behind them. Alternatively, use Jackal to follow the footprints (but be aware that clever Caveira players can hide their footprints with Silent Step).

Dying early isn’t necessarily bad
If you lose a Hibana or Thermite early on, you might be in trouble on the attacking team. But outside of that, an early death may feel rage-inducing, but it’s actually one of the best things that can happen for your team, particularly for defenders with a savvy Valkyrie. The dead player shifts exclusively to cameras, providing live updates to defenders about the movements and actions of the attackers. With fantastic Valkyrie camera placements, this dead defender can guide teammates to easy C4 or wall-bang (kills through destructible surfaces) kills. It goes without saying that you need a mic to be the most effective at this role.

Two strikes, you’re out
I had to have this explained to me, because I didn’t understand what was going on. Defenders can (and should) strike barricaded windows two times at their lowest point (on certain windows where doing so won’t create line of sight). Not only does this mean a single strike will remove the barricade, it also activates the vault functionality, meaning you can get outside immediately, revealing yourself in the moment that you make the noise of destroying the barricade. It also means that if an attacker isn’t paying attention and hits the barricade once, they’ll destroy it completely, potentially exposing themselves to return fire.

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