20 key tips for succeeding at Rainbow Six Siege

An arsenal of tips—some obvious, some not—for coming out on top in Rainbow Six Siege.

20 key tips for succeeding at Rainbow Six Siege
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Use visual cues
There are obvious things such as a Thermite charge about to explode on a reinforced wall, but there are also subtle cues to look out for. Cameras and drones will have a red light when operated by an enemy player, even if they’re not spotting you. Dust will fall from floorboards above you if someone is moving in the space above, even if they’re crouched. Occasionally, enemies will clip through walls or cover, which is why it’s important to not go prone too close to shared walls. It’s a bit cheap, but if you look out for clipping feet or gun barrels, you can have an easy idea of where an enemy is and score a cheap kill. Blue sparks for are also a dead giveaway that the enemy has electrified reinforced walls, barbwire, or even shields. Avoid this at all costs. If you have Twitch on your team, send in her drone to take out these obstacles, or use Thatcher’s EMP grenade to kill them (even through walls).

Be aware of your surroundings
Always take note of your surroundings. First and foremost, don’t step in front of an area that a teammate is covering, unless you’re on the other side and can create a deadly crossfire. I’ve been killed through friendly careless friendly players before, or dealt damage to them when they’ve stepped in front of me while I’m engaging an opponent. Be mindful of walls that can be detonated behind or besides you, and try to avoid staying in the same position for too long if you’ve just been spotted, as good players will kill you through the wall.

Injured people make great bait
Unless you get a headshot, dishing out enough damage on an enemy player will make them fall into an incapacitated state. At the time of writing, they’re actually invincible while they’re falling from alive to incapacitated unless you get a headshot, so it’s worth waiting until they’re properly down before finishing them off. Alternatively, especially if they don’t know where you shot them from, consider leaving them alive as bait to score a double kill as one of their friendly players moves in for a revive. Keep in mind that they can crawl to a safer place, or Doc can revive from afar with his special ability, but it’s not always worth scoring the kill straight away. Always prioritise surviving over killing.

Set a proper defence
Having the right defences in place is crucial for victory. You might not know what Operators the enemy has at the beginning, but certain teams use the same ones round after round, so you can make safe assumptions. On top of this, there’s always certain things you should be doing to make it hard for your opponent to get inside your defensive perimeter. Get a player to reinforce any hatches above your position, and chat with your team about which walls should be reinforced, and which ones should be left open. Barricading the entire team in a single room is rarely the best idea, especially if you’re playing the defuse missions where you may be required to shift between two points.

Aim high, hit high
Headshots are deadly in Siege. It’s obvious, but you may not know that basically any weapon in siege can kill with a headshot on the first shot. Couple this with the reality that there’s absolutely no bullet-drop at play, including with pistols, and it’s worth takin the extra half second to line up a headshot if you’ve got the drop on an enemy Operator (especially if there’s more than one). Unfortunately, at the time of writing, Siege’s hit registry is sometimes more miss than hit. It may sound like an exploit, but the best way to combat that at this stage, is to be moving as much as possible, even if you’re leaning around a corner, try to dance left and right to improve the odds of surviving a head-to-head encounter. Operators have different speed and armour ratings, which means that aiming for the chest isn’t always the best way to take them down, particularly if you have a low armour rating and your opponent has a high one. Get used to aiming for the head and you’ll score a lot more kills.

That’s it! If you have any tips to add or would like to offer alternative suggestions to those above, please let me know in the comments section below.

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