25 Superheroes Who Deserve Their Own Games

Superheroes are all the rage but there are some lesser known characters that deserve the spotlight.

25 Superheroes Who Deserve Their Own Games
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1. Animal Man

Buddy Baker, the Animal Man has a rich stranger history as one of the few superhero books to be published by horror/crime studio, Vertigo. Certainly, its richest runs were at the hands of horror writers.

Animal Man takes on the powers of any animal he is close to. He can fly if he's near a bird, breath water if fish... you get it. So, keeping close to his horror roots, we'd cheat a bit and give him only a few powers he can keep, making you decide what you need. Rhino or wolf for fighting? Or maybe you want armadillo toughness? Rat stealth? Make it a sharp over the shoulder action/survival game with perhaps a storyline involving the savage Red dimension. Silent Hill but you can maul stuff!

2. The Authority

The high point of 90s revisionist superheroes, 'widescreen action', Authority was cool character beating up bad guys, distilling down superhero violence to the finest, most exciting high points.

A good Authority game would have to utilise all the awesome powers and skills of the team like the comic did, in huge team up moves. Apollo rounding up flying bastards, throwing them in the Thames where Jenny Sparks electrocutes a hundred of them to death.

Take the inexplicably popular combat of Dragon Age. With the ability to slow things down, you can plan out amazing combo moves, then stand back and watch carnage. With environments as varied as alternative universe Renaissance Europe and inside God's brain, you'd see, and do, awesome, terrible things. 

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