9 insane things you can do in Just Cause 3

A breakdown of the moment-to-moment madness players can achieve in Just Cause 3.

9 insane things you can do in Just Cause 3

What better way to usher in the new year than with a compilation of crazy things you can do in Just Cause 3. It may not be big on narrative or characterisation, but what Just Cause 3 lacks in storytelling substance, it more than makes up for in entertaining game mechanics that simply beg for the player to go a little crazy. Here’s the kind of madness I’ve discovered in my time and travels with Just Cause 3.

Launch an explosive cow
Wildlife in Just Cause 3 helps to make the open-world feel more alive, but if you don’t mind partaking in a bit of digital animal cruelty (please do not try this at home), you can find some explosively hilarious results. For instance, you can tether a cow to a gas canister and send it flying off into the sunset, or at a nearby enemy base. Step it up a notch by slapping C4 to the cow before you launch it off, and you have a viable way to start or finish an attack on an enemy stronghold. It really shouldn’t be as funny as it is.

Rebel Drop a boat… onto land
The main reason to play the core campaign in Just Cause 3 is to unlock some of the gameplay features that let you expand your arsenal of digital destruction. Take, for instance, the Rebel Drop, which allows you to call in an airdrop of any number of armaments to help keep you in the fight. While these tend to take a practical form when playing, I’d recommend air-dropping, say, a patrol boat atop anything explosive, and be thoroughly entertained by the results as the weight of the boat starts a chain reaction of explosions. It’s truly Havok physics at its best.

Make your tank jump
Part of the fun of unlocking the various in-game Mods in Just Cause 3 is the little (or sometimes big) modifiers that can be applied to the usual gameplay formula. For instance, I unlocked and activated both nitrous and jump for my land vehicles. Originally, I thought this would just apply to cars that I dropped in but, as fun would have it, it actually also applies to tanks. There’s nothing quite like boosting a tank into an enemy convoy, then jumping on top of the vehicles to crush them.

Aerial SAM site
Hacking a SAM site to make it target aerial threats is fairly rudimentary in Just Cause 3, but you can take things to the next level by tethering the hacked anti-air deterrent to the bottom of a helicopter. As you fly along, the tethered anti-air defence system will continue to target aerial threats, which means if you’ve attached it to an attack chopper, you have some passive offensive options to help keep you in the sky for longer, while keeping that destruction multiplier high. When it’s all done, or you get bored with it, use the SAM site as a wrecking ball to cause even more explosive mayhem.

When in doubt, ram into stuff
Rico is a low-lethality protagonist, which means that Avalanche is basically challenging you to throw him into deadly situations because there’s a good chance he’ll be able to walk away from the ensuing destruction. With this in mind, I’ve taken to ramming into things and ejecting at the last minute. Ramming cars, planes and choppers into base defences for a loud signal to your AI foes as to the kind of explosive death you’re about to wreak on them. Taking out bridge pylons from a well-aimed vehicle jump is particularly entertaining.

Tether a couple of wingmen
Skyjacking aerial targets is a trick that rarely gets old in Just Cause, but take it to the next level by tethering a couple (or more, if you’re patient/lucky enough) of enemy jets together for a classy kill. Time it right so they’re above a target of interest, and you can increase the tension on the tether to fold them into each other for a fiery meteoric attack from above that your enemies will never see coming.

Build an impromptu trebuchet
You can combine explosives, car boosters and even the jump ability to exploit the Havok-powered physics of Just Cause 3 to make an impromptu trebuchet, whereby you detonate a vehicle just as it hits a particular point so that it catapults off into the distance. That’s the start, though. The real trick is in lining it up in such a way that you can accurately (or perhaps accidentally) hit targets of interest. Alternatively, nudge a destroyed vehicle into a wall for a similar springy effect (until it gets patched).

Cirque du So-dead
This one is hilarious as it is nasty, but you should definitely try tethering an enemy between buildings, with a tether on each arm, and increasing the tension just enough so that they’re in a fixed crucifixion pose of sorts. This isn’t about creating modern art, though. Instead, attach another enemy to them or simply chuck a booster engine mine on their feet to send them spinning out of control and, ideally, off into the distance.

Porta-potty surprise
There are many objects in the world that can be turned into makeshift comets, but the porta-potty never fails to get a laugh. Use booster engine mines, or tether a gas canister to different points on a porta-potty, then activate/shoot to send the portable loo on a path of destruction. There’s a bit more luck involved with the gas canister option, but that also increases the laugh potentiality thanks to the random path the out-of-control porta-potty will take.

That’s my personal favourites list of crazy shenanigans that can be done in Just Cause 3. Feel free to add your own anecdotes in the comment section below.

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