E3 2016: PC Gaming Show videos

All of the PC Gaming Show trailers shown off during E3 2016, all in one convenient location.

E3 2016: PC Gaming Show videos

The difference between the PC Gaming Show and every other press conference at E3 is that you know every trailer below will be released on our beloved gaming platform. There’s a range of titles to choose from, too, across different genres and various levels of publisher support, but there’s enough variety to ensure there’s at least a couple that will tickle your fancy. Check out the list of trailers shown off at the PC Gaming Show below.

Dawn of War III looks absolutely stunning in this gameplay trailer.

It’s just a tease for Oxygen Not Included, but it sure looks familiar to those familiar with Don’t Starve.

The Redwood Biomes update for ARK: Survival Evolved lets you build your own treetop village and/or dinosaur fortress…

…and then there’s the trailer for ARK: Primal Survival.

The Giant Cop trailer is about a, uh, giant cop. No, really.

Here’s an extended look at siege gameplay in Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord.

A moody teaser for The Surge.

Ice-T narrates the Promenade trailer for LawBreakers.

There’s a trailer for action-heavy gothic pandemic game Vampyr.

Killing Floor 2 is getting new content outlined in this trailer…

…and here’s a look at the VR spin-off Killing Floor Incursion.

This gives you an idea of what Superhot will look like in VR.

Tyranny will doubtlessly be of interest to fans of Pillars of Eternity.

Observer the trailer for creepy game Observer.

A short trailer promotes short RTS matches in Dropzone.

Here’s a tease of what to expect from Apex for Arma III fans.

A behind-the-scenes look at The Turing Test puzzle game.

Overland is a turn-based survival game in the post-apocalypse.

Impressive pre-alpha footage for sci-fi MMO Dual Universe.

Dan Ayoub breaks down the pros of Halo Wars 2 on PC.

Day of Infamy takes Insurgency’s low time to kill back to World War II.

Here’s a full round of Mirage: Arcane Warfare.

A short look at the charming Mages of Mystralia.

Warframe adds a Rocket League-like mode, Lunaro, to its multiplayer offering.

Gameplay from the opening Dubai level of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

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