E3 2016: Xbox briefing videos

All of the Xbox press conference trailers shown off during E3 2016, most of which are actually relevant to PC owners, all in one convenient location.

E3 2016: Xbox briefing videos

With the announcement of Microsoft’s ‘Xbox Play Anywhere’ initiative, the vast majority of these Xbox-branded videos are actually relevant to PC owners… as long as you have Windows 10 installed and are willing to, assumedly, deal with games through the Windows 10 Store. There’s a tonne of stuff to watch, so let’s get straight to it. You can check it all out below.

Start with a montage of Xbox One games to kick things off.

Then you can watch this video that focuses on characters.

Because it was on the official Xbox YouTube channel, here’s the E3 2016 trailer for Mafia III…

…which means I have to share the 22-minute walkthrough trailer for Mafia III, too, right?

Tekken 7 flexes its muscles in this trailer.

We Happy Few still looks like the stuff of nightmares. In a good way.

Inside is from the creators of Limbo, but this trailer doesn’t really show a whole lot of what the latest game is actually about.

Forza Horizon 3 heads Down Under in this trailer…

…and you can check out co-op gameplay below.

A promo video for wrapping your head around Microsoft’s Xbox Play Anywhere initiative.

The stage demo for the cooperative gameplay section for Gears of War 4.

General RAAM is coming to Killer Instinct.

Minecraft fans can dig through the latest features in this trailer.

ID@Xbox showcases a helluva lot of games in a short period of time in this trailer.

You can now customise your own Xbox One controller.

Halo Wars 2 hits open beta today. On Xbox One only. Sad face…

…but this cinematic trailer helps to make up for pain, somewhat.

State of Decay 2 is driving onto Windows 10 PCs and Xbox One soon.

Sea of Thieves continues to look impressive.

Here’s a taste of what to expect from Scalebound.

Frank is back in this Dead Rising 4 trailer.

ReCore scores a gameplay trailer.

A closer look at the Gears of War themed controller.

Even The Xbox One S has its own trailer.

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