E3 2017: 27 Sony conference videos

A bunch of Sony E3 2017 conference trailers, and some bonus vids, too.

E3 2017: 27 Sony conference videos

Sony may not have announced a whole lot of new stuff at E3 2017, but it sure had a lot of pretty games to show off. Check ’em out below.

Fast-forward an hour into this video for a full Sony conference replay.

There’s some distant parenting and gory combat on offer in the God of War trailer below.

Your first bonus video is another look at Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown.

This GT Sport trailer invites you to join the human race (geddit?).

Shadow of the Colossus is getting a full-fledged PS4 remake.

Bravo Team is a mil-sim PS VR shooter coming to PS4.

Here’s a cheeky peek at Everybody’s Golf for PS4.

And then a longer look at the gameplay for Everybody’s Golf, too.

Japan Studio is making another game: this time a sequel to launch title Knack, which is unsurprisingly called Knack 2.

It’s possible I blanked out during this one, but I’m pretty sure this Materfall trailer wasn’t part of the Sony conference. Regardless, you can check it out below.

Another bonus video! This time, it’s a game called Extinction.

This PS VR title was also absent at the Sony conference, but you can check out the announce trailer below.

Here’s a lengthy look at David Cage’s next game, Detroit: Become Human.

Days Gone looks like one of those games I wish would come to PC. Check out what we’re missing out on below.

Here’s a new gameplay trailer for Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, which shows off some new fighters.

But this Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite cinematic trailer is heavier on story than it is on punches and kicks.

You can see close to 10 minutes of Spider-Man gameplay below.

Star Child is a PS VR title, without a Kiss soundtrack.

Skyrim VR is coming to PS4. The proof is below.

Moss lets you mouse around as a, uh, mouse in this PS VR game.

Bungie teases more of the story for Destiny 2.

You can go fishing in the PS VR Monster of the Deep DLC for Final Fantasy XV.

This video was enough to convince me that I need to play Monster Hunter: World.

Here’s what Call of Duty: WWII’s multiplayer looks like.

There are more story hints and banter on offer in this trailer for Uncharted: The Lost Legacy.

Unsurprisingly, Horizon Zero Dawn is poised to receive some DLC.

Not a whole lot in the way of substance here, but more of a mood piece for PS VR title The Inpatient.

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