E3 2018: 15 highlights from the PC Gaming Show

The PC Gaming Show is one of the rare conferences that is 100% relevant to our preferred gaming platform.

E3 2018: 15 highlights from the PC Gaming Show
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It seems like the people behind the conferences agreed to keep the light on devs and heavy on trailers for E3 2018. That’s not a bad thing, but want it means for this PC Gaming Show write-up is I’ll refer you to the trailers page (which I’ll post later today) and will keep this wrap focused on those games that had a dev presence. With that in mind, here’s my pick of the 15 highlights from the PC Gaming Show at E3 2018.

Satisfactory is a punerific title
For a rather ambitious-looking game. Maybe it’s because I’m obsessed with The Forest, but the initial Satisfactory trailer reminded me a lot of a sci-fi take on The Forest, sans hostile mutants. According to Game Director Oscar Jilsen, it’s a first-person city builder. You play as an engineer and you can solo it or drag in some friends to collect resources, set up supply lines and, ultimately, build a big ol’ sci-fi city. I doubt I’ll have the patience for it, but for the fans of city builders, Satisfactory may well satisfy. There’s an alpha planned for the coming months, too.

PC gamers love battle royale games
At least, after all the noise was made about how many battle royale games would be at E3 2018, the PC Gaming Show had the most of them. Maverick: Proving Grounds boasts up to 1,000 players and CEO of Automaton Games James Thompson says it combines scale with a deep simulator. How deep? Well, there’s Siege-style destruction in houses, plus there’s a persistent MMO side to it. You can sign up for the closed beta on the official webpage now.

Hi-Rez was showing off Realm Royale, the fantasy-themed take on battle royale that’s free to play on Steam right now. Finally, Rapture Rejects is a hilarious isometric battle royale game based on the Cyanide & Happiness comics. It looks like a lot of fun and you can sign up for the alpha now at the official website.

Star Control Origins could be your next indie addiction
For me, it’s because there’s an alien called Windu, and that pleases the Star Wars nerd in me. For everyone else, Star Control Origins is an open universe action RPG that promises dozens of aliens, hundreds of star systems and thousands of planets. There’s a big focus on story and fighting, plus there’s a lot of love for mods. You can build your own planets, ships and even galaxies, then share them with your buddies. There’s also a PvP component. Star Control Origins launches 20 September.

Archangel: Hellfire looks to take some thunder from MechWarrior
Reportedly, Archangel: Hellfire came about because of noise from the community. What you get is an open-approach online mech VR combat game for 2v2 competitiev multiplayer. There are four maps, six mechs, and a stack of weapons to use for blasting other mechs or the environment. It’s in Early Access on Steam right now. The rating isn’t too flash at the moment, but the game is out on 17 July.

The Sinking City is set to rise
I’m very, very interested in this game from the pitch alone: an open-world detective story with no handholding in a Lovecraftian supernatural world. What’s not to love? Instead of objective markers, you’ll have to use your wits to piece together clues, crime scenes and interrogations to find out where to go next. There’s also a sanity mechanic that directly impacts gameplay, which may end up being something that helps you get back on track (the mechanic is still being fine-tuned). There is some fighting, but ammo is scarce, so you’ll have to pick your battles. Alas, no word on release date at this stage.

Disgruntled Destiny fans really should shift to Warframe
And that’s coming from someone who’s never touched Warfare. That said, it continues to blow me away that a free-to-play online action game can still have a Very Positive rating on Steam five years after its release. The Sacrifice DLC is out later this week, which promises to continue the story after a rather recent heartbreaking plot twist (at least, that’s what I’m told). I’d totally get into Warframe if I had the time for that kind of third-person looter.

Tripwire now publishes games
Tripwire Interactive, those same devs responsible for the constantly updated Killing Floor 2 (which is getting an update tomorrow, plus two more later this year), are now trying their hand at publishing games. Road Redemption, the spiritual successor to Road Rage, is one of those games, which Tripwire will help bring to Steam. The other, and arguably more interesting one, is from Alex Quick: the modder behind the original Killing Floor and Depth. It seems Quick is rather fond of sharks because Man Eater is an open-world action RPG where you play as a shark. No, really. There’s reportedly a full single-player campaign with upgrades and a shark skill tree. I really want to play it.

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