E3 2018 uber hub

Your convenient one-stop page for all of our E3 2018 coverage across conference wrap-ups and video pages.

E3 2018 uber hub

It’s that time of year again, folks! EA has continued the trend it started two years ago of jumping the gun on the Electronic Entertainment Expo (or, y’know, ‘E3’ for shortsies). Over the coming days, I’ll be posting wrap-ups for the respective conferences (in laser-focused listicle format) and putting up video pages.

Instead of forcing you to jump all over the place and potentially missing stuff on the bigger days (Monday and Tuesday are particularly packed), you can just revisit this page for easy one-stop clicking to the coverage that you’re most interested in. Even though it’s technically not part of E3, EA Play kicked off proceedings in the wee hours of Sunday morning, and the bulk is still to come over the next few days. For now, here’s the breakdown of conferences, with links to the relevant content a short scroll away. Please note that any times mentioned below are shown in AEST.

EA Play conference (2.00am)—Full EA Play replay right here

Microsoft/Xbox conference (6.00am)—Watch the Microsoft/Xbox conference replay here

Bethesda conference (11.30am)—Watch the Bethesda conference replay here

Devolver Digital conference (1.00pm)—Watch the Devolver Digital conference replay here

Square Enix conference (3.00am)—Watch the Square Enix conference replay here

Ubisoft conference (6.00am)—Watch the Ubisoft conference replay here

PC Gaming Show (8.00am)—Watch the PC Gaming Show replay here

Sony/PlayStation conference (11.00am)—Watch the Sony conference replay here

Nintendo conference (2.00am)—Watch the Nintendo Direct replay here

Check out the links below for after-the-fact coverage.

EA Play
E3 2018: 11 highlights from EA’s conference
E3 2018: 11 EA Play videos
Anthem E3 2018 screens
Unravel Two E3 2018 screens

E3 2018: 27 highlights from Microsoft’s conference
Crackdown 3 E3 2018 screens
E3 2018: 36 Microsoft conference videos
Forza Horizon 4 E3 2018 screens

E3 2018: 11 highlights from Bethesda’s conference
Prey Mooncrash DLC E3 2018 screens
E3 2018: 14 Bethesda conference videos
Fallout 76 E3 2018 screens

Devolver Digital
E3 2018: Devolver Digital perfectly satirises E3… again
My Friend Pedro E3 2018 screens

E3 2018: 9 highlights from Ubisoft’s conference
Assassin's Creed Odyssey E3 2018 screens
E3 2018: 38 Ubisoft conference videos
Skull & Bones E3 2018 screens

PC Gaming Show
E3 2018: 15 highlights from the PC Gaming Show
Hitman 2 E3 2018 screens
E3 2018: 32 PC Gaming Show videos
Just Cause 4 E3 2018 screens

Square Enix
E3 2018: 12 videos from the Square Enix conference
Shadow of the Tomb Raider E3 2018 screens

E3 2018: 12 videos from the PlayStation conference
The Last of Us Part II E3 2018 screens

E3 2018: 23 Nintendo Direct and Nintendo Treehouse videos
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate E3 2018 screens

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