Hotware: Fly your Sailor Moon flag, and rock the coolest bike helmet


Hotware: Fly your Sailor Moon flag, and rock the coolest bike helmet

Sailor Moon Phone

$600 • Meitu

Based on the M8 “selfie phone”, this Sailor Moon themed version has a 12MP front camera, a 21MP rear camera, 4GB RAM, and comes in at 5.2 inches. We’d love to tell you more, but is there really anything else you need to know? Oh okay, there’s also a Sailor Moon themed selfie stick. Happy now?

POWERED UP: Fighting evil by moonlight, winning love by daylight, never running from a real fight, it’s the phone themed Sailor Moon.

PLAYED OUT: How do we get one? HOW?!

Aliens Final Fight Sneakers

$TBA • Reebok

Most of us will never get to drive a power loader, or be a xenomorph matriarch, so Reebok is kindly going to release these two Alien Stomper sneaker designs for our feet to experience what each of those things would be like.

POWERED UP: Choose to be the P5000 power loader, or the XX121 xenomorph. Better yet, get both and put on one of each and let your feet duke it out in the cargo bay of a space ship!

PLAYED OUT: Not coming out until July 18, and no word yet on quantity. The previous Alien Stomper shoes were extremely limited.

Masei Iron Man Helmet

$264-398 • Urban Street Zone 

Okay the colours aren’t there, but this limited edition Masei motorbike helmet is very Iron Man. A bit of paint would bring that right out.

POWERED UP: Full face flip up design (just like the REAL Iron Man!). Removable cheek pads to make it easy to keep the inside clean.

PLAYED OUT: At time of writing these were selling cheaply and may be gone by the time you read this! Hey, we can’t do everything for you. US DOT safety certified, which is good, but without an approved certification sticker, you could be fined for wearing this while riding.

ETC Video Synthesiser

$680 • Critter and Guitari

Quick serious note to start before you visit the site and watch the video: EPILEPSY WARNING. Well, we’re not doctors, but the patterns this thing generates are mostly uncomfortable to watch, so just in case... 

POWERED UP: Plug in an audio feed, twiddle some knobs, and this thing will output 720p video of generated patterns based on any of a series of available modes.

PLAYED OUT: Critter and Guitari were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.

Snooz White Noise Machine

$120 • Snooz

If you have trouble sleeping and little sounds inside and outside your bedroom tend to keep you from dropping off (traffic or street noise, snoring partner), you may benefit from a white noise generator.

POWERED UP: Unlike apps that loop audio, the Snooz has a fan that spins to generate white noise sounds from light fan to plane drone. It’s controllable via remote app, and at 2.5 inches, is small enough to take travelling.

PLAYED OUT: Do you hate sleep or something?

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