Hotware: Talk to your mirror, and lock a Pavlock to your wrist

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Hotware: Talk to your mirror, and lock a Pavlock to your wrist

Sony E-Paper Tablet

$1000 • Sony

The DPT-RP1 just rolls off the tongue doesn’t it? It’s the latest in Sony’s “Digital Paper” line which displays documents and allows you to take notes on them with a stylus… style… pen. It’s Sony’s attempt to remove physical paper dependencies in business.

POWERED UP: 13.3 inches of display at a resolution of 1650x2200, giving you all the screen/document/note-taking real-estate you need.

PLAYED OUT: So the documents this works with? PDFs. Yep. Just PDFs. 

Duo AI Mirror

$530 • Duo

Voice assistants are getting smarter, or at least, better at how they filter and disseminate information; Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, and Google’s Assistant are all working to push the boundaries of our expectations for AI assistant interactions. None of them however, are as well dressed as Duo’s Albert.

POWERED UP: Looking just like a mirror, this computer hidden behind a 27” display is sleek. It displays its HomeOS interface only when it needs to and features 5-point multi-touch as well as voice control, practically begging for integration into a smart home.

PLAYED OUT: Have fun cleaning finger smudges off your mirror.


$70 • Quip

We all learned that we need to change worn toothbrushes when we were kids, but how often do you actually DO so?

POWERED UP: A svelte electric toothbrush with a subscription program to replace brushes every three months. It also ships to Australia for a minimum fee and with no shipping charge on the replacement packs! Comes in a range of colours and runs on a regular AAA battery that should last three months.

PLAYED OUT: Wanted to say something witty here, but we were out of quips. 

River Mobile Power Station

$750 • River 

We’re all about Hotware that prepares you for the zombocalypse, and given so much of our lives now relies on power, it seems smart to have some available long term after societal collapse.

POWERED UP: 500W of juice (that holds for a year!) in a portable package capable of charging up to 11 devices as once, and unlike a generator, is completely silent, so won’t attract hordes of the undead.

PLAYED OUT: Dust/Water resistant carry case costs extra (about $80), portable 50W solar charger costs extra (about $320), both of which you’ll want, natch.


$260 • Pavlok 

Got some bad habits that need breaking? Smoking? Biting nails? Arguing with people on the internet? The Pavlok is here to destroy them (the habits, not the people you argue with).

POWERED UP: It’s like a FitBit, but instead of monitoring your health, the Pavlok works out when you’re doing something you want to stop, and administers an electric shock to train you out of it. You can even link it with your FitBit through If This Then That ( to train yourself into good habits.

PLAYED OUT: We don’t agree that a 350 volt electric jolt is the best way to break or form a habit. Unless you’re still arguing with people on the internet, in which case you should probably wear about 15 of these things.

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