Indie Showcase Winners

Meghann O'Neill starts her PAX early by interviewing the winners of the Indie Showcase for 2016.

Indie Showcase Winners

PAX Australia has already begun for me, apparently. After seeing 83 independent games last year, it was suggested I interview the 2016 Indie Showcase winners for PC Powerplay 256. I considered crawling under a blanket and whispering, “But I’m not ready.”

However, upon resolutely talking to designers representing all six games over the past week, and playing each one, I’m so excited for PAX again that I just booked accommodation and applied for a media pass. I can’t wait. So, I trimmed the audio from these interviews in order to bring you more words than I’ll be able to squish into 4 pages in the magazine. I hope you enjoy them.

(Please note that I’ve been contributing content, in the form of musical tracks, to Wildfire. Of course, the interview with Dan could have been recorded when we had dinner together earlier in the year, as this is both how we talk in a social setting and what we talk about.)

Mini Metro

Developer: Robert and Peter Curry (Dinosaur Polo Club)

Due: Released



Developer: Daniel Hindes

Due: TBA


Developer: Jacob Janerka 

Due: January 2017

Adventure Pals

Developer: Julian Wilton (Massive Monster)

Due: TBA

The Eyes of Ara

Developer: Ben Droste (100 Stones Interactive)

Due: Released


Objects in Space

Developer: Elissa and Leigh Harris (Flat Earth Games)

Due: TBA

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