Indie Spotlight: Sky Noon

It's sky noon.

Indie Spotlight: Sky Noon

Developer Lunar Rooster
Price TBA

Described as “cloud-punk” and “Floating Frontier”, it’s clear why Sky Noon captured the imagination of the Indie Showcase judges for Pax this year. Project Manager/Programmer, Craig Taylor, says, “We chose a Western theme as it was a good fit for the slight steampunk feel of the weapons and setting. We didn’t want to head into Victorian era steampunk.” As well, this distinctive PvP shooter is set on dusty, but definitely floating, islands. They even have little engines keeping them aloft which you can use to boost you around. Hopefully, you’re not afraid of heights! (And falling forever downwards.)

Taylor says, “The floating islands themselves are mostly a mechanical decision, as the combat doesn’t lend itself to interiors and closed spaces. There is greater emphasis on speed and positioning. All the weapons push the players back instead of dealing damage, so the aim is to knock opponents off the islands. It completely changes the way a first-person shooter is usually played and players enjoy adapting to the different combat style.” My older son and I played the Time Trials and soon learned that, with some good timing and knowledge of its range, the Grappling Hook is useful for saving yourself, too.

There are additional single-use items, including dynamite, jet boots and exploding teleporters, to enrich your desperate strategy. Mine was honestly more focused on keeping my feet on land than anything else, but I didn’t miss the point. Taylor says, “We hope players can get the full experience of Sky Noon soon; learning the gameplay mechanics, discovering which guns and abilities they like most, and most importantly, feel the rush of a grappling hook save and the exhilaration of firing their opponents off into oblivion.” Maybe just try to match yourself with someone who plays as badly as me.

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