Indie Spotlight: Swim Out

Gotta watch out for those killer pool noodles.

Indie Spotlight: Swim Out

Developer Lozange Lab
Price $6

I love swimming laps of the pool, back, forth, back, forth. It’s great to mull life over, in water, then feel all fresh and reborn, eventually emerging for coffee. I swim at 9am, after dropping the kids to school because that’s the only time I can guarantee a lane to myself. Did you know, in South Australia, the custom is to tap people on the foot when you pass them? I nearly drowned in horror when someone tapped me. Anyway, Swim Out is a puzzle game about accidentally swimming laps at the wrong time of day and regretting it forever.

I mean, there’s a level where there’s a bunch of women swimming with noodles and every passing swimmer that gets hit in the face sinks to the bottom of the pool, never to be seen again. Sure, you can use flippers for a speed boost or take people out with a beach ball, but can you avoid the painful kid who is skipping stones? You’d think a kayaker could give way in a public pool, for goodness sakes. This ridiculous game of turn-based, lap-swimming Frogger stressed me the hell out. There are so many levels. I should go for a swim and relax? Um, no.

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