Interview: DICE's Sigurlina Ingvarsdottir on Star Wars Battlefront

We get the dirt on DICE's next big shooter.

Interview: DICE's Sigurlina Ingvarsdottir on Star Wars Battlefront

Is it true there’s no traditional campaign in Battlefront?
There is a component to the game that we call the Battlefront missions, and that’s where you get to play either by yourself or in online co-op. The missions are inspired by the original trilogy, or moments from the original trilogy of movies, but they are not the conventional single-player campaign.

Without a single-player component, are you including narrative elements in multiplayer?
We’re creating these stages for you to play out these fantasies, whether they are 8-person modes or 40-player modes, because we are focusing on catering to a specific fantasy. We’re defining the size of the mode and what the mode is based on the fantasy we want to enable you to live out. What you saw in terms of the gameplay video is the fantasy of that match and how it plays out. When you talk about narrative elements to it, the narrative elements are obviously the John Williams music, the multiplayer chatter that you heard, which is from the game in terms of how that works.

Was that chatter players talking or the characters?
No, it’s chatter: the VO that we have in the game. That gives you an example of the fantastical element, of the fantasies that you will be able to play out.

Does Battlefront include content from the prequel trilogy?
What we set out to do was to create the perfect playground where you get to play out your Star Wars battle fantasies, whatever they might be. In our case, whatever they might be within the context of the original trilogy of movies. 

Does it get any bigger than the 40-player Walker Assault mode?
No, Walker Assault is absolutely our epic, all-out walkers/infantry mode. On Endor, specifically, you have the walkers and the speeder bikes and then the infantry soldiers.

What planets can we expect to see?
Tatooine, Endor, Hoth and Sullust, and we have the planet of Jakku, as well, which is the one that you see in the beginning of [the second] The Force Awakens teaser. That’s how we are expanding on classic Star Wars. We’re bringing in this new planet that Star Wars fans around the world are first learning about [at Star Wars Celebration], so we’re incredibly excited about expanding on the classic universe.

How does the power-up system work?
What I can tell you about the power-up system is that the pick-ups are events or items that you pick up that really give you an edge in a situation. They vary from being powerful weapons, to being vehicles, to being hero characters.

How do you balance multiplayer?
The cornerstone of the idea that comes from is that as we want the player to really immerse themselves in their own Star Wars battle fantasies. We also want them to have the freedom to cater their play style to the fantasy, so we want to give them the freedom of really taking out their gear, depending on the map they’re playing, the fantasy they want to go for and how they want to play.

And that ties into the partner system?
Yes, that feeds into our partner system that we also talked about, where you as a player are able to play up with another player, and for the first time now, we give you the ability to share unlocks between partners. Imagine you’re both pretty experienced players. That enables the two of you to really kit yourself out as a unit, rather than two individuals, and take each other’s equipment into account as you play. On the other hand, if I’m an experienced player and you’ve just started playing, we partner up and I can share some of the good stuff I have gotten as a more advanced player with you to really give you a taste of the game, but to also help you learn.

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