Top Windows 10 Gaming Apps

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Top Windows 10 Gaming Apps
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We’re guessing by now that you’ve taken advantage of Microsoft’s free upgrade to Windows 10, and have been pleasantly surprised by how easy it was, not to mention how few of your existing programs it broke. We’ve spent several months with the Operating System, and while we love the improvements compared to the godawful Windows 8.1, there’s still a few things that aren’t quite right. Thankfully there are plenty of savvy software developers out there who have managed to make Windows 10 just the way we want it, so read on for our favourite seven applications that make Windows 10 sing.

7. Game Ranger

It’s a fact of life that as our online PC games age, their multiplayer support often dies. This has gotten exponentially worse with the death of GameSpy and EA’s continued slashing and burning of old servers, but one clever West Australian guy has come to our rescue. The developer of Game Ranger, Scott Kevill, has somehow figured out how to get these dead multiplayer games to work via his Game Ranger program. Whether it’s racing mates in Grid, or fighting off those pesky Luftwaffe in the original Combat Flight Simulator, Game Ranger’s support for several hundred obsolete online games is keeping your memories alive.

6. Speccy

Windows 10 includes a pretty comprehensive list of the goodies inside your PC, but it’s spread around a few places – the device manager, About Your PC, and other places. Speccy solves this problem by showing all of your hardware info in one easy to read location. Not only that, it also shows much more detail about your hardware, such as your CPU’s and GPU’s core temperatures, various voltage details and even the status of your hard drive’s S.M.A.R.T. status. It really is a one-stop shop to get a total overview of your PC’s hardware. 

5. MSI Afterburner

There’s a reason most overclockers turn to MSI’s graphics card tweaking software, regardless of whether they’re running an MSI card or not. For starters, it’ll run on any brand of graphics card, either AMD, Nvidia, Gigabyte, Palit, whatever. Not only does it make tweaking your GPU and memory speed easy, but it’s got one of the best fan speed interfaces we’ve used, making it a cinch to set up custom fan profiles. It also looks sexy, with hundreds of user-made skins ready to download. And if you really want to put your overclocked GPU under pressure, the inclusion of the Kombustor burn-in tool will see just how stable that 300MHz overclock really is. There’s also Predator video recording, but that’s probably the weakest link in this package, as there are better video capture options out there.


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