Every Rainbow Six Siege attacker ranked from optional to essential

A changing list of Rainbow Six Siege attacker operators listed from average to awesome.


Rainbow Six Siege attackers: optional to essential

Rainbow Six Siege is a fantastic shooter that gets better every year. While certain patches or the introduction of new operators may improve or weaken existing operators, the beauty of this list is it can change and grow as new attackers are introduced and the meta changes. Click through for my current attacker ranking.

21. Fuze (launch operator)

His Cluster Charges are great but easily countered. When Lion first launched, synergy between him and Fuze was strong. Now that Lion’s been nerfed, not so much. Given his one-speed rating, Fuze is the very definition of an optional attacker. Still, playing as a shield main, he’s a contender.

20. Sledge (launch operator)

The Tactical Breaching Hammer is a fantastic tool for creating new entries and firing lines. But there are other attackers who are better equipped for this. Still, with 25 swings, it’s great for knocking out barbed wire, too. Sledge’s choice of frags or stun grenades are enticing, but he’s still very optional.

19. Montagne (launch operator)

One of the ultimate team-oriented attackers, Montagne players shouldn’t expect many frags but should be showered in kudos if played correctly. Montagne’s Extendable Shield makes him mobile cover and intel gathering rolled into one. With a sharp shooter behind, Montagne can weed out well-defended positions. Played poorly, you’re basically a player down.

18. Jackal (Operation Velvet Shell)

Made stronger in a recent update, Jackal is a solid choice against roaming-loving defenders. That said, his Eyenox Model III gadget is an alternative to comprehensive droning. Jackal’s smoke grenades do come in handy and his arsenal is impressive, but now that Lion’s in the game, he’s not an essential pick.

17. Thatcher (launch operator)

Up against a Mute- and/or Bandit-loving defending team? Thatcher is the best temporary answer to their electronic gadgets. Inside word is Thatcher’s EMPs will soon only disable and not destroy. Not up against a Mute- and/or Bandit-loving defending team? Well, he’s less of obvious and more situational, then.

16. Blitz (launch operator)

Blitz is basically a Montagne built for aggressive players who want frags. His Flash Shield stops bullets and blinds enemies. Now that he also sprints with his shield held up, Blitz can close the gap, blind a room, then finish them with his pistol. Smoke grenades create a fantastic synergy with Glaz, too.

15. Ying (Operation Blood Orchid)

If defenders are dug in, Ying is the answer. Her three Candelas can be tossed or deployed into a room to blind its inhabitants. Ying is immune to these blinding beauties, so she’s best used by aggressive players looking to push. Still, she works best in synergy with others.

14. Glaz (launch operator)

At launch, Glaz was garbage. Today, he’s deadly alone and deadlier as part of a three-attacker combo: Glaz, Blitz and Ying. A keen-eyed Glaz will keep defenders away from windows. But he can also infiltrate under the cover of smoke and pick off enemies thanks to his thermal scope.

13. Buck (Operation Black Ice)

Versatility is the name of the game for Buck. His Skeleton Key shotgun is a nightmare for defenders holding an area with penetrable walls. It can quickly punch holes above, below or beside a defender, creating panic-inducing firing lines. His primaries and gadgets (Stun or Frag grens) are powerful complements, too.

12. IQ (launch operator)

IQ is a strong counter to traps and defender intel-gatherers care of her Electronics Detector. She’s essential for sniffing out sneaky Valkyrie cams and spotting a zealous Pulse player through a wall. Her speed and powerful primaries make her a strong flanker, too.

11. Blackbeard (Operation Dust Line)

Once OP, Blackbeard receives incremental nerfs. The most recent was to his popular DMR, but his AR received a buff, so swings and high-fire-rate roundabouts. Still, he’s handy for weeding out roamers and entrenched defenders, plus he plays perfectly with Maverick’s murder holes.

10. Capitão (Operation Skull Rain)

Better suited to Bomb and Secure Area modes, Capitão’s Tactical Crossbow is multipurpose. The smoke grenades are perfect for getting in and/or blocking lines of sight for a push. And the asphyxiating bolts can buy precious time to stop a retake. Plus, they make short work of Clash.

9. Finka (Operation Chimera)

Finka is all about being a team player. Her Adrenaline Surge is incredibly powerful. It offers a remote (temporary) health boost. Revives DBNO teammates. Reduced recoil. Faster ADS. Faster movement through Barbed Wire. Plus, reduced effects of blinding and slowing equipment. Her arsenal rocks, too.

8. Zofia (Operation White Noise)

Some may consider Zofia’s double-barrel ZS79 Lifeline launcher as an optional substitute for other attackers who have concussion grens and/or breaching rounds. But she’s a solid counter against fervent anchors and, specifically, Clash. It helps Zofia’s resistant to Ela’s Grzmot Mines and her own concussion grens. Plus, she can get out of a DBNO state alone.

7. Dokkaebi (Operation White Noise)

She’s been made stronger in recent updates, but Dokkaebi is still reliant on an organised attacking team to be effective. That said, her Logic Bombs are great before a push. Similarly, hacking dead defender’s phones gets better with every new camera added to the defensive line-up.

6. Lion (Operation Chimera)

When first released, Lion would have been higher on this list. After some (admittedly essential) nerfs, Lion’s roar is a lot less potent, but he still buys precious time. Lion’s EE-ONE-D does force attackers to stop, so his two charges are best saved until the end of a round.

5. Ash (launch operator)

Like a more discerning Sledge, Ash’s two Breaching Rounds are the perfect complement to her three-speed rating. With two assault rifle options and packing stun grenades, Ash is built for fast-paced flanking and hit-and-run room clearing. It helps that her Breaching Rounds can smash through barbed wire and deployable shields.

4. Twitch (launch operator)

The more toys defenders get, the more useful Twitch becomes. Her Shock Drones are multipurpose. Harass enemies. Kill DBNO defenders. Or destroy defensive countermeasures that can quickly turn the tables. Her three-speed rating combined with a bullet-spewing AR make her fast and deadly. Plus, she synergises with Maverick these days, too.

3. Maverick (Operation Grim Sky)

Like Lion, Maverick is OP before he’s even a part of the meta. Ubisoft addressed this prior to launch, but Maverick’s hard-breaching versatility is tough to ignore. He fits in a line-up with Hibana or Thermite, punching holes in hard and soft cover. Maverick’s fast, too, which makes him an ideal flanker.

2. Thermite (launch operator)

The metal breachers are top of the list because they’re essential for busting through reinforced walls. Thermite has a solid AR for ranged fighting and Stun Grenades to clear rooms. But really, his main job is to put holes in reinforced walls so attackers can get inside.

1. Hibana (Operation Red Crow)

Hibana is basically a more versatile Thermite. What she lacks in armour she makes up for in speed. It means Hibana can take fights, especially given her Stun Grenades and Type-89 assault rifle. Her X-KAIROS explosive pellets can punch through reinforced walls for team entry or to create cheeky murder holes.