3D replays, new maps, and vaulting coming to PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds...

... eventually. And the next weapon has been unveiled!

3D replays, new maps, and vaulting coming to PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds...

Lots of cool news for all right-thinking fans of PUBG today, including the unveiling of the game's next new rifle - the long-ranged, hard-hitting MK14 EBR. The MK14 in this form - at least in real life - is a versatile longarm, designed for both close combat, and designated marksman roles. EBR in fact stands for Enhanced Battle Rifle.

It's chambered for 7.62mm rounds, which means it's made for head-shotting, and - again, this is the real-life spec - can take a ten or 20 round box mag. And it's capable of switching between single-shot and full-auto modes.

In short, it's a beast.

We've also learnt that despite the news of paid cosmetic items coming in the full release, and about be tested over Gamescom, at present pay-to-play systems are low on developer Bluehole is focusing more on game balance and optimisation and getting a new map completed. In an interview with Eurogamer, the game's creator, Brendan Greene, said: 

We're focused on optimizing the map and optimizing the code and network, so the game runs smoothly for everyone. We will have cosmetics but it's not our focus at all. Cosmetics come more at launch. We will be giving you new cosmetics throughout the course of EA as well, but it's not our focus. Our focus is optimization and getting servers running real smooth for everyone.

He also added that the team is working on a vaulting system, allowing players to more be able to better negotiate the complex terrain of many of the game's urban areas.

And speaking of those urban areas, whole Greene's previously posted some hints at the game's next map - in a new, US-looking desert-setting - that map will be a while off. 

"Maps are not an easy thing to do; the last map took us about six to nine months to get to a really playable state," he explained. "Maps take time. But we're going to be working hard and we're expanding the team so there's no ETA, they'll come when they're ready."

Oh well - at least we'll have a new gun to tide us over. I mean, get shot in the head by while we're stuck jumping over a barbed-wire fence.

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