Age of Empires IV revealed at Gamescom

Well that came out of nowhere! And there'll be a new Definitive Edition of the original!

Age of Empires IV revealed at Gamescom

I was never much of an Age of Empires fan, but there's no doubting that it had huge impact on strategy games, so the very surprising follow-up, announced overnight at Gamescom, has a lot to live up to. But it's also got some of the best strategy minds in gaming working on it. As part of the big reveal, Microsoft's declared that its working with Relic Entertainment, so that is certainly something to get excited about.

What do we know? Well... not much. But we do have this trailer:

And along with that, we have news on remastered, Definitive Editions of all of the original games, starting with Age of Empires, which is due October 17 this year. And we have a video for that too.

Exciting times for strategy fans. If you're really keen you can even sign up for the beta right now.

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