Announcement: PCPowerPlay's forums will close this Wednesday

It's not an easy decision, but it is the right one.

Announcement: PCPowerPlay's forums will close this Wednesday


It's time.

The PCPowerPlay forums have been the home for the magazine's online community for many long, prosperous years. However, that passion for gaming and technology has now spread to other platforms. Many of our staff and writers are now on Twitter; Facebook has become far more of a hub for discussion, and the ease of commentary on relevant articles on the site itself has never been smoother, thanks to the ubiquity of Disqus as a platform.

Through all of this, the forums have become a quieter place. And so, we've made the hard to decision to shut down the forums for good. It's been a great run, and we're all personally thankful to every poster, mod, and reader that's been a part of our extended PC gaming family.

But you can still find us online in a number of places! Right here, of course, but there's also:

PCPowerPlay's Facebook page

PCPowerPlay's Twitter feed

Plus me, the site's Editor, also on Twitter (but I am giant nerd and talk about WHOLE mess of other stuff besides games, obviously)

And if you really do want to find another forum community to be a part of, there's also our sister site Atomic's forum. You can find that here.

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