Arma 3 Tanks DLC out now for treadheads

And those who like getting run over by treadheads, too.

Arma 3 Tanks DLC out now for treadheads

The new Tanks DLC for Arma 3 dropped over the weekend, and it is PACKED with... well, tanks. Probably not a big surprise, but there you go. It also comes with a major game update - the update is free for everyone, but the DLC itself will set you back $US9.99.

The DLC drops the Russian T-140 Angara main battle tank, the German AWC Nyx weapons carrier, and the Rhino MGA armoured fighting vehicle. There's also the new Altis Requiem campaign, which showcases the new vehicles, and a Showcase mission for the Rhino MGS UP tank destroyer.

The platform update includes fully modelled 3D interiors for all vehicles in the game, new targeting options and fire control systems, a new team-based multiplayer mode, time trials, and other new vehicle variants.

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