Blizzard artist reveals Chewbacca's heartbreaking secret

Has someone been cutting up onions around here? Note: Epic spoilers within.

Blizzard artist reveals Chewbacca's heartbreaking secret

Like many of us, Tyson Murphy - lead character artist at mega game developer Blizzard - saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and was inspired. But whereas most of us have been inspired to talk a LOT about the new film (first day back in the office and everyone's sharing their impressions), Tyson's been inspired to create some great art.

His interpretation of hero Rey as a Sith is pretty impressive, but his real masterwork is a 12-panel comic explaining Chewbacca's rather emotional history with Ben Solo - the young man who grows up to be Kylo Ren.

And who kills Chewie's best friend. It's... a little full of feels.

You can check out Tyson's Tumblr here - and there's some great, far less sad-making, art.