Blood Bowl developer adapts Space Hulk board game

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Blood Bowl developer adapts Space Hulk board game

French studio Cyanide are, it appears, experts at taking a Games Workshop board game and turning it into a computer game.

They did it with Blood Bowl in 2009 and, uh, the 40,000 versions of Blood Bowl they've done since. And now they're doing it this year with Space Hulk Tactics.

It's a game of turn-based combat with squads of space marines pitted against genestealers in a single-player campaign or 1-on-1 competitive multiplayer.

Cyanide promises a "fresh new spin" on the board game's existing rules with the addition of a "unique" card system that lets you customise your squad before a match.

There's also a map creation tool to design original maps with custom objectives which can then be shared with the community.

Space Hulk Tactics is set for release in 2018, but we're gonna assume they meaner later rather than sooner.

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