Cooler Master drops new keyboards, mice, and cases at Computex


Cooler Master drops new keyboards, mice, and cases at Computex

As we speak my colleague Ben Mansill is... well, timezones confuse me so he's either getting bedazzled on the show floor, enjoying some Taiwanese hospitality, or catching an hour or two of sleep. He's at Computex, catching up with some of our most important industry partners, so he's no doubt seen Cooler Master's new range of gear already.

The lucky sod! The company's Computex reveal features some neat new hardware. Here's our pick of the coolest Cooler Master gear.


Cosmos C700M

"New tech will be woven into the frame and functionality of the COSMOS C700M, to be disclosed at a later time."

Yeah, sadly, this is merely a concept at this stage, but Cooler Master's Cosmos range has always pushed boundaries of PC case design, so just knowing a new one is coming is pretty damn exciting. What we do already know is that it will feature "impactful use of addressable RGB lighting", and be very versatile. Much hype!

MasterCase SL600M

"The MasterCase SL600M kicks off the “SL” series in the highest segment."

Yet another concept, all we know of this high-end case in the MasterCase range is that it features "chimney-based heat regulation", an aluminium chassis, and the versatility to be either a workstation or gaming machine.

MasterCase H500M (pictured)

"The empowerment of component choice and abundant support ensures that systems will look their best when built inside a MasterCase H500M."

Man, I love Computex marketing! The H500M is a sharp looking design that boasts a PSU shroud, a flexible front panel, cable covers, and lots of room for various radiators to keep your high-end build high-end cool.

MasterCase H500

"... the straightforward choice in the series..."

Inside the H500 you'll find two RGB-lit 200mm fans in the front panel, optional mesh panels for better airflow, and a carry-handle in the top - all at a low price (to be announced later).

MasterBox MB511, MasterBox MB520, MasterBox MB530P & MasterBox K500P

More concept builds: the 511 focuses on airflow, while the 520 is more focused on bling, with a transparent front panel to highlight your PC's interior. The MB530P has glass panel on the front and both sides to really show off all the RGB gear inside; the K500P, on the other hand, boasts a fine, 3D mesh design that does clever tricks with light. Which sounds really interesting.


CK Series Keyboards

"Between its floating keycap design and durable mechanical keys, the CK550 unleashes a world of victories."

A WHOLE WORLD! That'll help my PUBG KDR, I'm sure. Calling this a 'series' though is bit of a trick, though. There are two keyboards - the CK550 and CK552 - but the latter is only available in Best Buys in the US. Then again, with its mirror-finish design, it'll be a real finger-print magnet. The CK550, however, features blue, brown, or red switches (I'm guessing Cherry MX), an aluminium top-plate, and per-key RGB lighting.

SK Series Keyboards

"Expect to see the new additions during Q4 of this year and Q1 of next year."

The SK series is built around low profile Cherry MX switches, an aluminium top-plate, RGB lighting, and a detachable Type C USB cable. The Sk640 is a full size board, while the 630 and 620 are 80 per cent and 60 per cent in layout respectively.

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