Cougar announces Immersa Pro 7.1 headphones

Complete with glowing orange ring and dodgy Tolkien references.

Cougar announces Immersa Pro 7.1 headphones

"Haha," I first thought when I laid eyes upon Cougar's new Immersa Pro gaming headset. "It's got a burning ring, I wonder if..." and sure enough, the tag-line for these cans is "One headset to hear them all."

Of course.

Lord of the Rings allusions aside, the Immersa Pro certainly looks good on paper. It boasts virtual 7.1 surround sound via 50,, neodymium drivers, backed by Cougar's own software to get your audio just right. You can also program the Immersa Pro's RGB backlight to whatever colour you want, along with your favourite lighting effect.

A pulsing green halo for your ears? You bet!

The headphones also feature dials on each earcup to control the volume, and to mute the onboard mic, which can retract into the earcup when not in use, and has a glowing tip - which is actually useful because it tells you when the mic is muted or not. And it comes with both USB and 3.5mm adaptors, so it can work with just about any device.

The Immersa Pro headphones are available this month, and will retail for $US89.99.