Dark Forces is one of the first casualties of the new Star Wars canon

Kyle Katarn: mercenary, hero of the Rebellion, Jedi Knight... but no longer the man who stole the Death Star plans.

Dark Forces is one of the first casualties of the new Star Wars canon

One of my personal favourite gaming characters of all time would have to be Kyle Katarn, the mercenary hero of the first Dark Forces game. The dude has quite the rich history, starting at as an Imperial soldier and the quitting the Empire to take up the life of a mercenary, before hiring on with the Rebel Alliance.

He also neatly fit with the wider Star Wars universe. In the first level of Dark Forces, he steals the Death Star plans, before going on to uncover and then destroy the Empire's Dark Trooper project.

All of this was - until today - considering Expanded Universe canon. Kyle went on to become a Jedi in Dark Forces II and games and went on to eventually take a seat on the new Jedi Council alongside Luke Skywalker.

However, the upcoming Star Wars film, Rogue One, looks set to change all that.

Over the weekend at the Star Wars Celebration weekend, the first plot details for the film were released. It's looking to be a comparitively grim piece, set before A New Hope, in a galaxy now devoid of Jedi. The film follows a unit of soldiers as they attempt to steal the plans for the first Death Star... so, Kyle Katarn's solo mission is now officially out of the picture.

(unless Disney's going to be really clever and have Kyle be one of the characters, but I think that's wishful thinking)

When Disney first bought the franchise, one of its first and most divisive changes was to say that the Expanded Universe (which has many games, comics, books, and even toys) was no longer canon, and would be relegated to a new 'Legends' brand. 

There are a few other changes afoot in the Star Wars universe, but for some reason this one really rankles. I'm looking forward to Rogue One, but I I know I'll be thinking of Kyle's heroics as a I watch it.

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