Dedicated modders are bringing Battlefield 2142 back to life

DICE's science fiction classic is getting a make-over!

Dedicated modders are bringing Battlefield 2142 back to life

One of my favourite game modes of all time in online shooters would have to be Battlefield 2142's Titan mode. In it, teams of near-future soldiers battle over both the ground to take and hold vital missile launchers, but also massive, airborne titans, epic airships bristling with turrets and launch platforms. The aim was to drop a titan's shields, then board and destroy the enemy's titan while defending your own.

It was epic, and even as recently as Battlefield 4, DICE has hinted that the Titans may be gone, but they're not forgotten.

Sadly, though, the game itself died alongside the Gamespy service that hosted it - but now modders are hoping to not only bring the game back to life, but to remaster it in time for a release some time this year.

The Project Remaster mod team is aiming to rework all primary and secondary weapon animations, make improvements to the original maps, create HD textures and HUD icons, and work on new high-poly weapon models. 

And the in the sample pics and animations, the game is already looking great. 

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