Dell responds to PUBG cheating claims

Dell acknowledges and condemns "inappropriate modification examples" used in its Dell G Series marketing.

Dell responds to PUBG cheating claims

We recently ran an article calling out Dell's marketing strategy during Intel's recent 8th-gen Core i processor launch, wherein a Dell spokesperson claimed that Dell machines allow PUBG gamers to "run more plugins to win more at Chicken Dinner". 

To say this revelation has caused bit of a stir is... an understatement. The story has gained traction on both the official PUBG forums and r/BATTLEGROUNDS on Reddit.

Dell Australia has been in contact, and offered the following comment, categorically condemning cheating in any form:

"Dell is fully committed to supporting fair play in online gaming. We do not encourage nor endorse any behavior that undermines fair gaming practices. Dell has a strong track record in partnering with gaming teams, aiming at providing world-class gamers with the ultimate experience. In an attempt to communicate the power of the new Dell G Series, inappropriate modification examples were used in Dell’s product launch event in China last week. This does not reflect our global gaming culture or strategy. We condemn any modifications misused in gaming."

Which is pretty straightforward, and about as solid a response as we could hope for. 

Thanks, Dell.

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