EA adds new membership tier to Origin

Origin Access Premier includes full games, and early access to new content.

EA adds new membership tier to Origin

Electronic Arts' Origin service is the awkward middle child of PC game services. It's got nowhere near the depth of Steam (of course), but nor is it the same steaming pile of fail that is Ubisoft's uPlay service. 

It just works? Kinda? 

If you've been wanting more from it, though, EA's new Origin Access Premier subscription may just excite you a little bit. The service costs $19.95 a month (or $129.99 a year), and for that you get access to The Vault - a rotating roster of entirely free games - but also early access to key EA titles, like these:

⦁ EA SPORTS™ Madden NFL 19 Hall of Fame Edition (August 2, 2018)†
⦁ EA SPORTS™ FIFA 19 Ultimate Edition (September 20, 2018) 
⦁ Battlefield™ V Deluxe Edition (October 11, 2018)
⦁ Anthem™ Legion of Dawn Edition (February 15, 2019)

“Origin Access Premier offers players a wealth of content, including all of EA’s PC games and numerous titles from other publishers in a single membership,” said Michael Blank, Senior Vice President, Player Network, in today's release. “As our first-ever subscription service with full access to newly-released EA games, we’re offering players more freedom to play the games they want, anytime they want.”

In an age where console gamers generally get the early access thing, this ain't bad, but it's also pretty expensive (if you're thinking in Netflix terms). But if you're a dyed in the wool EA fan, the free games probably make it worthwhile as is - and the early games are a good bonus.

You can learn more about the service here.

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