Electrostatic PC Speakers

Thanks to a Melbourne company, soon audiophile sound could be available for a budget price.

Electrostatic PC Speakers

Rather than utilising a vibrating cone to produce sound like regular speakers, electrostatic speakers instead sandwich a thin, flat diaphragm between two electrically conductive grids driven by a step-up transformer. In basic terms what this means is that not only are electrostatic speakers far thinner and lighter than cone speakers, due to the fact that the entire surface of the diaphragm can vibrate, the speakers suffer from less distortion than cone speakers and the frequency response is an order of magnitude higher. Unfortunately, for the most part electrostatic speakers have been priced well out of the average user's market.

Melbourne innovation company, IC One Two is looking to change that with their Expanse speakers. We recently had a chance to sit down and have a listen to their two models, the Beat (intended for use with PCs or small TVs) and the Kick (intended for attaching to TVs or for use with sound systems) and were very impressed. We should have a review of the Beat system (two speakers, a sub and the amp) in the upcoming PC PowerPlay Tech Special on sale July 6, but if you're interedssting in finding out more or getting youself a set at an early-bird porice, IC One Two is currently running an IndieGoGo campaign that you can find by clicking the image below.

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