Far Cry Primal may be more historically accurate than we thought

A new archaeological site suggests people were hella violent even 10,000 years ago...

Far Cry Primal may be more historically accurate than we thought

Far Cry Primal may do away with cars, guns, and hang-gliders, but it is keeping one of the staples of the series - you'll be fighting off a lot of badguys.

In Primal, though, it's in order to protect your own tribe - those other tribes... fuck 'em, basically, because 10,000BC is super hardcore when it comes to survival. And it seems that a new archaeological find is backing up Ubisoft's take on the Mesolithic period.

(note: any day I can talk about real history and games is a good damn day!)

A newly discovered site in Kenya has revealed that the pre-history of humanity was much more violent than many historians previously thought. 

As IFLScience reports, the find features the remains of 27 individuals, many of whom died rather violently. They'd been bashed and stabbed, multiple times. One of them, a pregnant woman no less, appears to have been bound before being killed.

And they weren't buried, either - just left to rot. The nature of the injuries, the binding, the lack of funeral rites, and the remains of weapons... it all adds up to one serious piece of inter-tribal warfare. What they were fighting over is a little more vague. 

“We think it was a planned attack,” Dr Marta Mirazon Lahr - who lead the study - told IFLScience. “The attackers must have brought these weapons with them to ambush this tribe. We then, of course, have to infer that there was something they wanted. Perhaps the animal resources were the target.”

So when you're playing Far Cry Primal when it comes out next month, just remember all that violence is perfectly historically accurate. It's history!