Farewell Boss Key Productions, we barely knew ye

Studio shutdown proves it takes more than just original ideas AND shameless copy-cats!

Farewell Boss Key Productions, we barely knew ye

Famously forthright developer Cliff Bleszinski caused tongues to wag when he found BosS Key Productions, and announced Lawbreakers, his big comeback game. It was to be a whole new second coming of the Gears of War veteran.

But the comeback came, and went. Lawbreakers was competent enough, but deeply unpopular, and if you can't keep servers fool even the people who like you're game are going to go elsewhere. But, turning on a dime, as Cliffy B so often does, he produced battle royale game Radical Heights seemingly out of nowhere! 

And it kind of showed, because it was radically unfinished. 

So with the history less out of the way... yeah, news that Cliff's Boss Key Productions is shutting shop is less than surprising.

Cliff made the announcement with a statement released via Twitter.

 And speaking of Twitter, I guess it puts his Twitter-bio into some perspective...

"Washed up "dudebro" game developer OR legendary creative genius...depends on who you ask."

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