Football, Tactics & Glory leaves early access for full release next month

It's XCOM meets the world game, which makes an odd kind of sense if you squint with your brain.

Football, Tactics & Glory leaves early access for full release next month

If you've ever thought that the FIFA games would play better with some XCOM mechanics, or that XCOM would be better if you took out the aliens and put in soccer balls, you're not only really, really odd, but today, you're also very, very happy. Developer Croteam has just announced turn-based soccer strategy game Football, Tactics & Glory is leaving early access for a full commercial release on the 1st of June.

“If you enjoy the depth of turn-based gameplay, strategy or tycoon games, you will love Football, Tactics & Glory,” said Andrey Kostyushko, Managing Director at Creoteam. “Skipping the boring parts of football management games - the endless tables, numbers, routine and micromanagement, Football, Tactics & Glory, reinvents the basics of the football management genre making it appealing to everyone, not just hardcore football management aficionados.”

The game combines long-term campaign play to get your team into the big leagues with turn-based matches on the pitch. Each player has unique skills to turn a match in your favour, but you'll have to carefully combine them to achieve victory. There's also an online mode for kicking your friends in the shins. 

You can check out the game on Steam here. GOOOOOOAAAAAALLLLLLL?

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