Get satirical gaming site Point & Clickbait's hilarity in print form!

It's legitimately one of the funniest gaming sites online - and now you can enjoy it offline!

Get satirical gaming site Point & Clickbait's hilarity in print form!

Not heard of Point & Clickbait? Well, let's fix that up right now. It's a satirical site taking the piss out of the games industry, and it's a deadset homegrown piece of comedy genius, the brainchild of Australian games journo Tim Colwill. 

Case in point - one of my favourite stories the site's ever run was riffing on Games Workshop's rather... generous attitude with licenses to make video games based on its various tabletop properties. Here's an excerpt from 'Pigeon Trapped In Games Workshop Office Receives License To Make Warhammer Game':

Speaking in a joint statement, the pigeon and Games Workshop CEO Kevin Rountree expressed their excitement for this incredible opportunity, and also for picking through people’s garbage and eating the crumbs that you find there.

“We were initially taken aback by this pigeon’s boldness — its innovative, no-holds-barred approach of just flying right in and demanding our attention,” gushed an enthusiastic Rountree.

It's funny 'cause it's true, etc.

Tim has just announced a Kickstarter to publish some of the game's best material in print. The book is laid and complete (the handy thing about best-ofs), so the funds raised are purely for printing costs. And every pledge level will also get a PDF of the book.

It's a great local site, by a great guy, and funny as heck. Go and give it some support!


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