Have your say in Australian Senate inquiry into loot boxes in video games

Feel like loot boxes are too exploitative in games? Public submissions to the Senate inquiry are now open.

Have your say in Australian Senate inquiry into loot boxes in video games

The Australian Senate announced last week that it was going to take a serious look at the contentious issue of loot boxes in video games, and over the weekend public submissions were opened so you can have your say on the matter.

Numerous countries elsewhere in the world have concluded that the practice essentially amounts to gambling, and now the Australian Greens - who successfully called for the inquiry - wants to look into the same issue, especially when it comes to games that can be accessed by children.

“I have significant concerns about the adequacy of current consumer protection and regulatory frameworks for monetised game mechanics, particularly when we know they are accessible to children,” Senator Steele-John said in a release last week.

“An incredible number of popular big name titles incorporate these kinds of monetised game mechanics, not as a way of improving in-game experience, but as a way of simply prying more money off of their players."

Kotaku posted an excellent guide to getting your voice heard, and you can learn more on the Making a Submission website, but the simplest way is to simply email the committee's secretariat.

Submissions close on the 27th of July.

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