How much tank would a strongman pull, if a strongman would pull tanks?

Wargaming and World of Tanks is seeking to answer this age-old conundrum...

How much tank would a strongman pull, if a strongman would pull tanks?

Okay, so maybe I made that saying up, but you gotta admit... You're kinda curious now, right?

Thankfully, while I made that part up, it's still true that Wargaming wants to answer the question. The team behind World of Tanks has... erm, teamed up with the Arnold Pro Strongman Australia competition, and as part of this event of heaving chests and mighty thews some remarkably large scary men will be competing to see who can be the fastest remarkably large scary man to pull an FV102 Striker tank ten meters.

That's EIGHT TONNE of armoured fighting vehicle. And you can watch the action (action? I guess?) at Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre on the 17th of March, as part of the overall three-day remarkably large scary man event.

Oh, and it's all in the aim of getting into the Guinness World Record books.

“With the completely remastered PC game, World of Tanks 1.0, set to launch soon, we wanted our 160 million players and new fans to get hyped up about this massive game update," said Alexander de Giorgio, World of Tanks' Regional Publishing Director. "Nothing is bigger than going for a tank pull GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title!"

“We’re calling on all Australians and New Zealanders to get behind the strongman attempting the world record and witness the true power of man versus tank,“ said Alexander.

Heh. Tank pull. Heh heh.

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