Ice Caves of Europa launches on PC today

If you play only one indie sci-fi political thriller with big ideas this year... Play this one!

Ice Caves of Europa launches on PC today

When a comet crashes into Jupiter's moon Europa, it opens up a labyrinth of mysterious ice caves, so scientists send in a remote drone to explore the alien environment... That's the premise of new Australian indie game Ice Caves of Europa, just launched on Steam today.

The game's not just about free-flowing, flight-based exploration, either - there's a strong political message about the future of humanity, our relationship with technology, and pushing back against the alt-right (boy, the comments are gonna be great for this one...).

“This is a game I’ve wanted to make for many years and thanks to a grant from Film Victoria I’ve finally been able to make it happen," said developer Io Normal's Conor O'Kane. "I want people to be excited by science and space exploration, and by making a game about Europa I hope to inspire people to think of it as a real place that we can explore."

"Fear of technology and a lack of scientific understanding are impeding our progress, so I think it’s important to make games that deal with science in a way that both entertains and informs. Ultimately, Ice Caves of Europa is a blend of many things that I feel passionate about, and it’s been a wonderful challenge to make those ideas mesh seamlessly together.”

The game is inspired by real space flight technologies, features a deep story about deception and betrayal, and comes with full controller support.

You can check out the game on Steam here.

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