Kinect PC Specs Revealed

A Microsoft developer blog gives the run down on what we can expect from the Kinect hardware release tailored to the PC.

Kinect PC Specs Revealed

Following the announcement of an early 2012 launch date for the Kinect for Windows program, Microsoft has released details of how they've tweaked the hardware for optimal performance on the PC. Changes to the physical form include a shortened cable, and a lower-profile plug to better fit around other USB devices. New firmware improves the device's depth perception, allowing it to track objects as close as 50 centimetres from the camera with full accuracy, making it far more practical for use at a desk.

Developers wanting to explore Kinect projects ahead of the Windows release can download the SDK here, or try their hand at applying for the Kinect Accelerator initiative, a US$20,000 grant for tech companies looking to develop Kinect-based applications.

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