Mobile game maker takes on Steam with Kartridge platform

There's a new gaming portal on the block.

Mobile game maker takes on Steam with Kartridge platform

Kongregate started out as a portal for browser-based games, then moved on into porting those games to mobile platforms. It appears the next step for the company is moving into fully-fledged PC gaming distribution, albeit aimed at the indie scene, with the upcoming, Steam-competing, Kartridge service.

I don't know, I guess they like the letter 'K'.

CEO Emily Greer recently opened up to Polygon about the new platform. "Our initial plan is that the first $10,000 in net revenue, one hundred percent will go to the developer, and after that, we’ll go to [30 percent retail margin],” Greer said. “We think that for smaller developers especially, that first $10,000 in revenue is really important.” 

She also claims that the company's experience with the current batch of 120,000 games on its browser portal will give it an advantage when it comes to the very real problem of discovering not only new games, but relevant older games.


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