Neocore adds new end-game content to Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr

It might take a SLOG to get there, but Martyr's getting some new content for those who've reached end-of-game.

Neocore adds new end-game content to Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr

There's a LOT of Martyr to get through before you get to the good stuff, I've been told, but - personally - life is far too short, so I'll take the fans' word for it. The game has a lot of stuff. And now... EVEN MORE STUFF.

Developer Neocore has just announced Warzone, a new end-game game mode that sees inquisitors taking on waves of enemies to earn some pretty phat Imperial loot. But before you get that, you've got to take on and defeat the toughest boss of the entire game

Here are the hoops you need to chop through to get to the new content:

  • You need to have a Power Rating of 1100 to be able to participate. 
  • Travel to the Lacaon System and locate the point of interest marked with an Inquisitorial sign. 
  • There are 5 narrative Stages (with their own storylines), and each narrative Stage consists of 10 battles. 
  • Battles have certain Hazards (challenge parameters), one is unlocked at the end of every Stage
  • In the Warzone you will be able to gain new rewards, collect Favours, unlock three passive and an active skill slot. 
  • Skill slots are gained by advancing your ranking in the Warzone, and these skills are only usable in the Warzone. Overall there are 20 passive and 4 active skills to choose from.
  • Favours will be later used for summoning the Nemesis.
  • After the 50th battle, an endless mode will be available.
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