Never Stop Sneakin' spies PC release this month

Enjoy some '90s PlayStation era tactical espionage action

Never Stop Sneakin' spies PC release this month

The developers of Dust: An Elysian Tail are clearly big fans of Metal Gear Solid, specifically the PS1 original.

Their new game, Never Stop Sneakin', isn't just a similar kind of top-down action-stealth hybrid (though it's clearly a lot faster-paced than Metal Gear has ever been). It also trades heavily on the PS1 game's visual aesthetic.

There's the obvious blocky character models, the blue and green lighting, the snowfield base, and of course all those crates.

It came out last year on Nintendo Switch, but the news here today is that they've announced a PC release. It's out in February on Steam.

Our favourite line on the Steam store page?

"Fight incredible bosses, including the evil Dr. Acula (probably a vampire) and Vice President Helicopter (who is a helicopter)."


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