New Rome II: Empire Divided campaign out now

Things get grim in the third century for the Roman Empire...

New Rome II: Empire Divided campaign out now

Total War: Rome II had one hell of a rocky release when it first came out - it was one of Creative Assembly's rare missteps in the long-running strategy series/ But Creative turned it around, patching and tweaking the game into something longtime fans can now enjoy. And those same longtime fans now have a whole new campaign to play - Empire Divided!

The new campaign takes place in the year 270. Rome's Emperors are corrupt and ineffectual; barbarians are at the gate in ever-increasing numbers; and the Sassanid Persians are encroaching from the East. It's a bad time for Rome, but a fun time for a strategy game!

New features include period specific events, new heroic factions, empire-ravaging plagues, and a narrative-based tech tree and array of building upgrades. There are fourcultural factions, each with three specific factions. The Divided Roman Empire culture includes Rome, Gallic Rome, and Palmyra, for instance.

And of course there are new units, from Roman Legionaries to Palmyrene Cataphracts.

Empire Divided is out now on Steam.

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