Path of Exile latest chapter - Fall of Oriath - launches on PC

Grinding Gears Games' new release doubles the size of the game.

Path of Exile latest chapter - Fall of Oriath - launches on PC

I remember starting to play Path of Exile a couple of years ago, after PCPP's Editor Daniel Wilks put me onto it. And I can gladly say that the reason I do not play it still today, is because holy balls I could really get addicted to it.

(instead, I have allowed myself to most recently become addicted to PUBG and can stop any time don't judge me)

Thankfully for Grinding Gears Games, most people are pretty down with their addiction to their action/RPG, so much so that the game's latest updates has effectively doubled the size of the game, while taking players full circle back to one of the game's starting areas. The Fall of Oriath released today, and oh-boy it is large.

"We invited our community to play the Beta for The Fall of Oriath and received lots of valuable feedback, said Chris Wilson, managing director of Grinding Gear Games, said in today's release. "Systems such as the Pantheon Powers, balance of Power and Frenzy Charges and monster variety in the new content have been directly improved as a result of the communication between our community and the developers during the Beta. We're extremely happy with how the Beta went and are excited to open up The Fall of Oriath to a broad group of players upon release!"

The update includes Act 5 of the main plot, new, Godly powers, and a mess of new skills, items, bosses and more. 

I'm glad I got out when I did...

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