PCPP Presents: The Future of PC Gaming

PC Powerplay comes to PAX with a huge panel

PCPP Presents: The Future of PC Gaming

PC Powerplay is teaming with PAX this year as an official media partner and will be hosting one of the biggest panels at the show in the main theatre at 12:30pm Sunday November 6 .

We will be hosting PC Powerplay Presents: The Future of PC Gaming. The idea of the panel is to cut through the hyperbole that permeated discussions of gaming (hyperbole we acknowledge we are sometiumes guilty of) when new paradigms or technology is released, declaring that it is the way of the future. With the help of some special guests we hope to actually get a glimpse of what the future of PC gaming might actually be like.

Joining PCPP Editor Daniel Wilks, and Tech Editor Bennett Ring are a number of gaming and tech luminaries and visionaries to talk about wehat they see as the real future of PC gaming. Panellists include::

Frank Azor: Co-founder of Alienware, one of the gaming world's best known brands

Dean Hall: Developer of DayZ and founder of RocketWerkz

Raymond Pao: The VP of VR New Technology at HTC

Steve Sinclair: Creative Director at Digital Extremes

For more information about the panel, time and location, click HERE


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