PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' next update lets you drop markers with ease

New map functionality and a handful of fixes feature in the Week 26 PUBG update.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' next update lets you drop markers with ease

How do you use map markers in PUBG? Personally, I and my pals use them to mark objectives, when we jump or moving about the map once we land. They're a handy visual aid when you're panicking under fire but still trying to make a bee-line to a particular feature.

So the latest map feature coming with the Early Access Week 26 Update isn't that useful to us. Aside from some fixes, the big addition is that a single key can drop a marker on your current position - Insert, but default.

Handy if you really want your team-mate to come heal your sorry arse, I guess.

Here's the rest of the changes:


  • You may no longer modify ini files to set a key bind for multiple actions on the same key

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that enabled angled foregrip to attach to Tommy Gun
  • Fixed a graphic bug regarding building locations
  • Fixed an animation bug that appeared when a character used healing or boosting items in the driver's seat
  • Fixed a bug that did not cancel a player's reload if the character was knocked out during the reload
  • Fixed a bug where an uncooked grenade could explode if a character was knocked out while holding it
  • Fixed a graphic bug that would cause a black box texture to appear while scoped when Anti-Aliasing was set to Low or Very Low in the Settings

The update will be rolling out to the test servers today, and if there are no issues, the main servers right after.

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