PUBG exposes exact drop rates for new crates

There’s a 1 in 20 chance you’ll get a brown beanie

PUBG exposes exact drop rates for new crates

As part of a new update to Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, the developer is revealing the precise percentage chance of receiving specific items from loot crates.

The update, currently undergoing fine-tuning on the game’s test server, adds two new loot crate types: the Desperado and the Biker. Both contain only cosmetic items, as with all PUBG loot crates. The new crates each have a 40% chance of dropping, while the existing Wanderer and Survivor crates now each have a 10% chance of dropping.

Further, in the patch notes for the update, the developer has listed the individual item drop rates. So, for example, a sleeveless grey turtleneck top has an 8% drop rate while a checkered cloth mask has a mere 0.01% chance.

On the wider issue of loot crates, it’s still frustrating to some players that they cannot pay a fixed amount for a specific cosmetic item. But exposing the real (i.e. slim) odds of nabbing those brown horn-rimmed glasses is a positive move.


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