Rust survives four-year Early Access, gets released

But it's still not done

Rust survives four-year Early Access, gets released

One of the pioneers of Steam Early Access has finally emerged as a fully complete game, as Facepunch Studios announced Rust's full release on February 8.

The crafting-heavy survival sim first entered Early Access in December 2013 and passed five million units sold in March 2017.

The biggest change in the full release is a graphics overhaul, addressing the "duller, more neutral" look of the game's original visuals, according to Facepunch's Vincent Mayeur.

Another change is a price increase. Rust will now cost US$35 instead of US$20.

Finally, it isn't actually full complete at all. Facepunch will continue to update the game, albeit on a monthly as opposed to weekly basis, rendering the distinction between Early Access and full release almost entirely meaningless.

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